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Glad that you are here, hope that visiting my site is a joyful experience for you. If you are seeking for collaboration online between website and website, you’ve come to the right place. My teriyaki grill blog is an open source for everyone and I really want to share the knowledge across the Internet in order to help people who want to have great experiences cooking. 

The more useful content I have, the more value this site is to the users happening to be here. So … I do accept Guest Post here on NancysCravings. Here is the Guest Post Submission Guideline:

  • A high-quality article, which is at least 800 words (800+ words) / article writing about Cooking.
  • The article must be unique and originally written by you / your writer. I do not accept the used content from other websites. 
  • The article must be Informative. I do not accept affiliate articles, product reviews, spam SEO articles, … or any kind of those.  
  • I have the right to ask you to add content to the article you submit.
  • I have the right to edit the content of your Guest Post Article.
  • Content cannot contain any affiliate links or any kind of bad URLs (casino, gambling, …).  
  • You should submit your author bio, homepage link and your avatar picture so that I can create the section for the one who contributes this to my site.

What you get from this Guest Post: 

1 Do-follow Links form my website.

An additional fee is non-negotiable. For more information about the additional fee, please kindly contact me at this email address: Nancy.nancyscravings@gmail.com. I spend time & money on maintaining the site (& surely develop it in long-term) and still have to fix your article and keep your link so the fee is reasonable. 

If you don’t want to think of a topic, finding a title for the new GP article, waiting for editing & posting after nearly 2 weeks until your link is live, you can add a link directly to your blog on 1 of my existing articles. Easy and fast. I will also help you index that links asap by submitting my own updated version to Google. Here are 2 options: 

1. In-content Link:

This is the type of link that most of the webmasters want. You can search through my blog and find the appropriate anchor text to put any specific URLs you want. 

Further discussion, please kindly contact me at Nancy.nancyscravings@gmail.com

<!> Note: The minimum amount of donation is non-negotiable. 

2. Sponsor Post: 

You pay me for an article on my site which is written by me. The article you require should be related to the topic I have listed above. 

I will contact you when the article is finished and suggest some linkable anchor texts that are up to your decision. You can find your own anchor text if you want to. 

Please kindly contact me at: Nancy.nancyscravings@gmail.com for more discussion.

Have a great day!

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