Everything you should need if you own gas or coal and their accessories.

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Nothing describes summer more faithfully than barbecues or outdoor barbecues. They are the perfect occasions to gather family, friends, enjoy meals with that smoky flavor. If you are thinking of investing in a grill or its accessories, I offer these tips so you can choose the best one for you and your budget.

Charcoal grills: taste and patience

It is the grill chosen by purists, those who refuse to sacrifice the taste at the cost of working harder, preparation, and maintenance of the flame. The reward is a smoky flavor that we relate to barbecues.

As usual, coal or charcoal briquettes used as fuel. I recommend adding a few aromatic wood chips to accentuate the flavor with which the smoke surrounds the food. My favorite dish is the teriyaki grill, especially in the BBQ teriyaki Party. As for fish, I recommend the woods of fruit trees, such as cherry and apple trees.

Advantages: The delicious smoked flavor, the high temperatures that can reach the charcoal grills (ideal for browning the meats), and the low price.

Disadvantages: They can test our patience. Once the coal begins to burn, you will need about 20 or 30 minutes for the flames to become embers. Cleaning them takes longer because you have to get rid of the ashes, the rest of the coal and remove the grease that accumulates in the grilles. Also, I share a secret such as if you do not have a brush to clean the rack after cooking, make a ball with aluminum foil and rub it on the metal holding it with some kitchen tongs.

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Gas grills: fast and simple but expensive 

The speed, comfort, and ease of cleaning characterize gas grills a lot. They use propane tanks (they can be refilled, and the duration depends on the size; for example, 20 lbs. Tanks last between 9 and 10 hours) or natural gas and are very easy to turn on and off. All you have to do is lighting the fire, and it’s ready to cook. Also, it is much easier to control the temperature and even create zones with different temperatures on the same surface. On the other hand, it is ideal for cooking different types of food at the same time.

Advantages: Gas grills are so convenient and easy to handle for many families use them all year round, almost like a second stove that not to be dirty or stain the kitchen!

Disadvantages: they do not impart a smoky taste to food, at least not charcoal grills. If you want to give the smoky flavor with aromatic chips, you will have to use a separate smoker box (smoker box). The price can be high, especially if they come from branded grills.

Another exciting fact of the gas grills is that in a small one, you can quickly cook up to 15 hamburgers.

Five essential accessories

Having these five outdoor cooking accessories on hand will save your work, time, and cooking careers.

1. Instant reading thermometer

Necessary to know if your meat has reached the right temperature and cook to the taste of each guest. I recommend thermometers that are easy to read and include a table with the optimal (and safe) temperatures for each type of food.

2. Long kitchen tongs

They are useful for moving and turning around food. Choosing stainless steel tweezers that end in an oval-shaped silicone tip.

3. Brushes to clean

It is essential to clean the grills before, and after cooking carefully so, you will ensure your barbecue to be a good flavor. Choose a brush with metal bristles (brass) and a flat surface to scrape the food that has stuck. Moreover, with a long handle, it is easier to reach every corner of the grill. Also, have one or two brushes with silicone bristles (fire resistant) on hand so you can impregnate the food with the taste of sauces and marinades.

4. Metal mesh baskets

They are handy because they placed directly on the grill with vegetables, fruits, fish, or any small food without running the risk of sticking or burning when coming into contact with the flame. You will find them in different shapes and sizes.

5. Cart

Having a cart next to the grill will avoid many upcoming troubles to the kitchen. I advise those who have at least two levels and are well-organized in compartments to comfortably accommodate sauces, condiments, and roasting utensils.

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