Category: Appliance Essentials

Appliance Essentials is a subcategory from cooking essentials. When I sat with my husband to figure out the menu for this blog, we agree that cooking essentials need appliances like refrigerator, oven, …

We set it as a whole subcategory because to know these appliances well, you need to read and practice a lot. I want you to know your appliances well and also know how to choose them from the beginning.

Appliances are expensive so you can’t just buy a new one if you need to. You need to know well first. This is what this section is for!

Enjoy the content and don’t forget to leave the comment below, we will be in touch!


Nothing better for the summer than experiencing steaks, hamburgers, or vegetables in one of the Best Grilled Charcoal Barbecues. Although barbecue grills are certainly convenient, they will never combine with charcoal grills when it comes to flavor. Gas grills cannot get close to the smoky flavors that natural wood or coal briquettes give their food. […]

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