The Ultimate Sunday Caesar

Grilled Cheese Caesar Hail Caesar!!!

As a Canadian, Caesars are something we feel almost compelled to love! It’s what I consider to be our national drink. It was invented in 1969 by Walter Chell, at the Calgary Inn (now a Westin Hotel). He was asked to make a signature drink for the hotel so he mixed Vodka with clam and tomato juice, Worcestershire and some other spices. Similar to a Bloody Mary but with a spicy unique flavour. 

Every place has their rendition of the Caesar with different garnishes and spice additions like horseradish, wasabi etc. My personal favorite has clamato, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, a spicy rim and beans. When I was recently out for brunch I saw someone eating a gorgeous grilled cheese and a giant caeser and the combination just seemed like perfection. I kept looking at her with food envy and wishing I’d ordered the same thing. Somehow my egg whites with salad seemed much less exciting lol (I did have the Caesar though).

Feel free to add to this anything you’d like…variety is your friend! Instead of Vodka try Tequila…it will blow your mind!


The Ultimate Sunday Caesar
Serves 4
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Prep Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
  1. 6 oz vodka
  2. large jug clamato
  3. 12 dashes tabasco
  4. 12 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  5. Caesar rimmer
  6. 4 slices bacon or pork belly
  7. 12 pickled beans
  8. lime
  9. 8oz sharp cheddar or your favorite cheese grated
  10. 12 slices rustic Italian bread
  11. butter
  1. In a fry pan cook bacon until crisp.
  2. Butter both sides of bread (cheese sticks better). Place 2oz of cheese on 4 of the slices and place the remaining bread on top of the cheese. Heat a fry pan to medium and cook until golden and cheese has melted.
  3. Line the rim of a glass with Caesar rimmer. Over lots of ice, add vodka, fill with clamato juice, then add the remaining ingredients. Garnish with a beans, bacon and grilled cheese. Add more tabasco sauce if desired.
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    October 26, 2014

    Just may have to have one

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