Savoury Oatmeal with Mascarpone, Sunflower Pesto, Chorizo and Poached Egg

Can you wrap your head around Savoury Oatmeal!?!



When I first started to see recipes for oatmeal that wasn’t sweet I have to say I was very intrigued! I imagined it like a slightly healthy breakfast polenta or risotto! The question was will the taste good or yuk…well it tasted crazy good!

 It’s oddly very easy and fast to make! I chose ingredients that appeal to me but skies the limit with this relatively neutral base!



When I started working out with my trainer Mike a couple of years ago he set a diet for me that honestly seemed like too much food. He wanted me to eat every 2-3 hours with very specific foods. My started with a no food treadmill workout at home followed by egg white and oatmeal everyday. The quantity he wanted me to consume didn’t seem like a lot until I started to eat it and realized it was gonna happen.

I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater (mostly I like protein shakes) so the idea of eating oatmeal AND eggs was a bit crazy to me. Mike’s a drill sergeant though so I got onboard and did what I was told! After a few days I would wake up craving my egg whites and oatmeal!!

Well this is for you Mike (ok, so there may be a few add ins that you wouldn’t approve of. But hey, you only live once right!). I will always crave my oatmeal and eggs!


Savoury Mascarpone Oatmeal with Sunflower Basil Pesto, Chorizo and Poached Egg
Serves 4
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  1. 2 cups water (1 cup water if using old-fashioned oats)
  2. 1 cup steel-cut oatmeal (or rolled old-fashioned oats)
  3. ¼ cup sunflower seeds + 2 tablespoons
  4. ½ cup basil leaves
  5. ¼ parmesan cheese
  6. 1 garlic clove
  7. ½ cup olive oil
  8. S + P
  9. ½ cup chorizo, chopped or sliced
  10. 4 eggs, soft poached
  11. 1 cup avocado, chopped
  12. ¼ cup mascarpone
  1. 1. Bring water to a boil in a pot. Pour in oatmeal, reduce heat to a simmer, and cover. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes, until oats have reached desired tenderness.
  2. 2. Puree ¼ cup sunflower seeds, basil, parmesan, garlic and salt/pepper while slowly adding olive oil.
  3. 3. Fry chorizo until crisp.
  4. 4. Separate oatmeal into 4 bowls, add sunflower, chorizo, mascarpone, poached eggs and avocado. Sprinkle a few more sunflower seeds and basil leaves.
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      Nancy Crocker
      February 6, 2015

      Hi Tina – isn’t it amazing! It’s fun to try new ingredients with oatmeal…endless combos!

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