Heirloom Tomatoes, Ricotta and Fig Crostini with Balsamic and Truffle Oil


Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Tomatoes and bread 1

Well for Mother’s Day my husband agreed to redo our kitchen!! Yiiippee!! There really wasn’t anything wrong with it, except it’s dark and I’ve really been wanting a white one! So voila…white it will be! This unfortunately meant spending this entire weekend cleaning it out getting it ready for the big change. Holy moly was that exhausting…but I’m crazy excited!!


Tomatoes and bread 5

For the next 10 days there won’t be too much magic happening in my kitchen… just lots of take out and barbequing! You may be getting kitchen updates this week instead of recipes lol. The crazy thing with anything you do in your house is how it leads to the next thing.  I live in an open concept style house and with the kitchen becoming white I’m now realizing the whole main floor needs to be repainted and the fireplace redone and… and…and…..

Tomatoes and bread 3

Thank goodness my husband is a patient man as my mind whirls with ideas. Although he’s starting to look like a deer caught in the headlights hehe. So far he’s agreed to cabinetry change, painting the main floor, a little new furniture and the fireplace change. Oh and I may have slipped in a little re-landscaping but who’s counting.

So today for our lunch I made these beautiful open faced sandwiches and served them with smoked salmon scrambled eggs. I have to say it was absolutely incredible. The combo of creamy and crunchy ricotta crostini with smoked salmon eggs was awesome!!

Tomatoes and bread 4

Tonight we’re ordering in Thai food for Mama’s day and I’m pretty pumped!!! I can make a few things but it’s never as good as ordering from a great Thai Resto!

Happy Mother’s day and Happy Cravings!





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