Dinner cafe in Athens!

 We dined on the yummiest food in the cafes in Athens and walked the cobblestone neighbourhoods absorbing everything.

Our next stop was Mykonos…the Island of fun!! Incredible beaches, water, shopping and PARTIES!!! We rented a moped and set out to see it all. We ate anything and everything the Island had to offer and drank Mojitos like water. Life was far too good to be true.


Over looking the Mykonos port!


One of our discovered beaches in Mykonos!


Beach side party in Mykonos!

arriving in mykonos

Arriving in Mykonos!


Afternoon nap outside our hotel room in Mykonos!


An amazing view in Mykonos!

 Arriving in Mykonos from Athens on a high speed hovercraft was breathtaking and the smell of the sea and salt water was intoxicating. I was so excited I could hardly wait to get ashore!!  

Our next stop was the island of Naxos. It’s one of the largest most agricultural of all the islands in Greece. We also rented a moped (only one smallish accident on it throughout our adventures) and spent all our mornings and late afternoons exploring this vast island. At so many points we were very high up in the mountains and then down low in the crevasses at water level and saw not another living soul. At times it was almost eerie and yet very serene. By this point in the trip I was itching to hit a grocery store and cook with some of the local produce. That being said we didn’t have a kitchen in our room so we resorted to all things easily sliced, diced and eaten cold. Naxos was in some ways my favorite island because it wasn’t nearly as touristy as the others and you really got a feel for the everyday like of the islanders. Simple and relaxed!!


The view from our hotel room!


One of the common and very cool trees of Naxos!


Naxos harbour!


Naxos sunset from our hotel patio!


Chillin in Naxos!


The best I could cook with no kitchen…it was delicious and fresh!


Around Naxos!

Our final destination was Santorini….we definitely saved the best for last! It was my birthday a couple of days after we arrived on the island and this was definitely where I wanted to spend it!! This is the island of the whitest buildings (that look as though the defy gravity ) the craziest sky and the bluest sea! Every picture you’ve even seen or imagined of Santorini and Greece doesn’t do this place justice!! We stayed at one of the most  spectacular resorts; The Vedema Resort, A Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel!

It’s hard to explain the luxury and surroundings of this hotel. The service was incredible, poolside to die for and beaches just a quick shuttle away with private beach area and beach side chair service for food and drinks! I didn’t think I could ever leave! We had the time of our lives. Our days were spent soaking in the last days of sun, sea and beach, walking the towns and eating lots of feta lol. We met another couple staying in the hotel the day we arrived while laying by the pool. They were so much like us that we hit it off very quickly and made plans with them for almost all our remaining days. The laughs and memories we shared with them will last a lifetime and friendships strong. As we headed back to Toronto and them back to NYC and Texas we all had plans for future adventures together. We all ate in this gorgeous restaurant on my birthday and our final night along the seashore hundreds of feet below the town. The view could stop your heart but the meal was one that will forever rank among my top 5. We watched them bring seafood and fish out of the water and grill it right in front of us. As we started to show extreme enthusiasm and kid like delight in all things food they started to bring us so many delicacies and specialities of the restaurant that I’m not sure I even knew what half of them were. After dinner we drank, sang, danced and laughed into the night. If I could take myself back there right now I would….where’s my Genie!!



The Vedema Resort, Santorini


The Barrel Caves at the Vedema Resort, Santorini


Our beautiful patio in our hotel at The Vedema Resort


My husband and I heading out for dinner in Santorini


The restaurant area I spoke of on our last night in Santorini


Fresh Octopus on our last night!


Fresh fish at our beautiful seaside restaurant on our last night in Santorini!


The freshest fish ever!!

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