My Favorite 8 Healthy Super Bowl Munchies

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Who wouldn’t Love a Guilt-free Super Bowl Snack!


So as a woman and one who loves any excuse for a party, Super Bowl is a great way to gather friends for great food, beer and often a lot of loud yelling at a TV! But that doesn’t have to mean you wake up Monday morning feeling like you just swallowed a house.  There are a ton of great snacks to please the healthy eater in your group but still make the manly men on the couch feel like they’re eating at the local pub! This list is a grouping of some of my favorite game day recipes – just click on the title to link to the recipe!


Crispy Baked Buffalo Wing Cauliflower


Meatball Sliders 


Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps




White Chicken Chili 


Kung Pao Chicken Wings



Rosemary Skewered Garlic Shrimp



Grilled Organic Zucchini Hummus



Thai Coconut Chicken Satay




OK, so you have avoided the potato chips and deep fried finger foods and mostly munched on healthy snacks like the ones above. Now if it’s fourth quarter in a close game and you want to splurge just a little as you see how this thing turns out. For those fans, I have added a couple of guilty pleasure Super Bowl recipes. Enjoy!!

Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Savoury Donuts



Coconut Shrimp with Sweet and Tangy Marmalade Dip



Thai Pizza




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