Happy Halloween

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halloween11 Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Monsters and  Pumpkins….AND TREATS! (all I want are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

It has finally arrived, the day my kids have been talking about and waiting on for at least a month! All holidays in our family are BIG! I grew up in a household very similar to mine. All holidays and birthdays were an occasion meant to be celebrated in everyway possible. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve spoiled the kids or set the bar so high from year to year with crafts, parties, food and so much excitement that it makes it hard to beat it from year to year. I’ve kinda had to tone birthday parties down a bit. They may have started to grow a bit out of control when my daughter started to ask for circus elephants lol. Hey…why not…they grow so fast and I want them to have memories that sustain them a lifetime. There is no doubt my girls feel a sense of occasion and love a crowd of people for every holiday.


Super Easy Stuffed Meatball Sliders

Sliders I have a house full of very happy meatball eaters. Often our go-to dinner is this same recipe but with sausage also cooked alongside the meatballs in the sauce and poured over pasta. Often my problem when I make this dish is picking, picking and more picking. I absolutely force myself to freeze the leftovers right away to prevent myself from eating triple portions. One of the goals in this blog is to create some great quick meals for the family. I realize that all of you are crazy busy between work, kids, chores and maybe having a bit of a life! When you get home from work after rushing all day the last thing you want is to get into a recipe with 10 steps and a zillion obscure ingredients. This recipe can be made quickly at night and reheated or if you’re pretty quick in the kitchen it can definitely be started and eaten within an hour.


Monday Ramble

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It’s Monday, a day that usually means kids back to school and quiet in the house.  I do boring things like clean, laundry and reflect on the previous week. I love my husband and my kids but the sweet sound of silence as everyone departs is, well it’s magical. This Monday is different…a dreaded PA Day at school!! So kids are still around and I find myself wanting to lock myself in the bathroom lol

Everyone has their own idea of what today should look like and the kids ideas will win out as they demand the loudest. My girls are 8, 15 and 23 and have very different ideas of fun. The younger one Delaney wants crafts and constant activity where as Lexie the 15 year old mostly just wants to be driven somewhere, given money, her friends and anything Apple. Electronics are the teenagers lifeline to EVERYTHING. I recently took her IPhone away from her and found myself explaining that when I was young we didn’t have cell phones and managed just fine. She looked at me as though I had grown a third ear and replied with some quip about back in the old days . You get the picture….SHE THINKS I”M OLD!! Hmpf!! Well and the 23 year old graduated from College (honours…yup I’m bragging) and is now working and living on her own. We miss having her at home everyday! It seems now we have to be scheduled in for visits instead of being together a lot. We’re so proud of her and who she is becoming!!

What she doesn’t know is that life keeps getting better and better as you get older. Our 20’s we’re not worrying about the future, our 30’s we’re having our kids and still finding ourselves and when you hit 40….somehow it just all seems to slide into place. We no longer care what everyone else thinks, we don’t try to make everyone happy all the time, we’re comfortable in being who were are and in most cases have long since figured it out. Our kids are a little more self sufficient (no diapers anyway) and the hard things that are thrown our way don’t rattle us quite as hard.

Maybe its because I’m in my 40’s but I have to say this decade so far has been the best.

Ok, so where was I going with this giant rambling??? Oh ya…kids are home…Halloween week….loud in the house….

Our family loves Halloween, house is decorated, all of our costumes are planned and bought, parties planned and candy bought. Now it’s the hurry up and wait stage and with the exception of my husband no one is very patient in this house….least of all me. I have started the Monday off with fun Halloween themed lunches for the kids (pics will come on Friday) and we will start the very long process of Pumpkin carving tonight. We usually do about 8 pumpkins and the kids and my husband start planning the styles well in advance. No triangle eye jack-o-lanterns in this house. 

Well I better run and actually pay attention to the kids…thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing all of our Halloween pictures with you later in the week! Happy Monday!!




The birth of our blog

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It’s really only been a matter of weeks (4) when I stated to my husband one night that I wanted a food blog. At the time I think he sorta looked at me thinking, ok, we’ll get to it soon! Well that “soon” quickly became a “now please”! The reason I say now please was because although I had the “great idea and big plans” I really couldn’t do it without the help of my amazing husband! Two asks was all he needed, he jumped in head first, learned everything there was to know about how to build a blog/website and got it off the ground. It took a couple of weeks to fully understand ( and truthfully we are far from “fully” understanding all there is to know) and get the site live.

OK….SO NOW IT’S LIVE yahhhhoooo….oh wait, I guess I need content. So with that came the next hurtle…PHOTOGRAPHY! We soon learned photography was everything. Sure the recipe and taste of the food is important but the photography almost more important in the food blog world. No one will even notice your food unless the picture in some way wows them. So we learned as much as we could in a short time about food styling and photography. We upgraded our camera, bought new lenses, props, lighting, photography books….and the list goes on. 

So here we are (he works at night with me), week 4, working at it 10-12 hours a day between cooking, recipe developing, photography, food styling and figuring out how to build followers and I have to say I’m really proud of the progress so far! We have 2 pics/recipes on Foodgawker and 2 on Tastespotting…which we quickly learned were incredibly important to our blog and having it seen by the world. I’ve connected with some wonderful and interesting people already. It’s such a thrill to connect with people as obsessed with food as I am! I am so grateful to this new project and world I’ve opened myself to. It’s given a new outlet other than catering and a new obsession lol. Thank you to all who follow us, I hope we inspire you each day!

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