My Favorite 8 Healthy Super Bowl Munchies

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Who wouldn’t Love a Guilt-free Super Bowl Snack!


So as a woman and one who loves any excuse for a party, Super Bowl is a great way to gather friends for great food, beer and often a lot of loud yelling at a TV! But that doesn’t have to mean you wake up Monday morning feeling like you just swallowed a house.  There are a ton of great snacks to please the healthy eater in your group but still make the manly men on the couch feel like they’re eating at the local pub! This list is a grouping of some of my favorite game day recipes – just click on the title to link to the recipe!


Crispy Baked Buffalo Wing Cauliflower


North African Chicken and Israeli Couscous with Charmoula

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Colour me beautiful!!


North African Coou Cous Chicken

Maybe its the season of winter coming to an end and the idea of the ground beginning to bloom and the colours coming back, but all I crave right now are foods that are rich in colour.


Sausage Pizza Bites

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You’re Gonna Love this Saucy Little Bite!



Mini Sausage pizza 3

Today is definitely a multi-tasking kind of day! As always we’re heading somewhere to cater and I’m writing this blog in the car! Don’t worry I’m not driving! lol


Sweet and Spicy Curried Pineapple Chicken

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Feeling a little tropical is always a good thing in October!!

Pineapple Chicken

Do you remember as a child loving the sweet and sour sauce in that (I wont mention the name) fast food restaurant that you always dipped your chicken nuggets in? Well for those of you that do, this is the grown up version of that saucy heaven!


Pickled Fried Chicken and Waffles with Sriracha Butter and Cheddar

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My mind will never Waffle about this meal…It’s always a YES!!


I thought this recipe would be appropriate since this is what I’m making this weekend for the Toronto Food and Wine Show. One of the best food shows of the season is almost upon us and I can hardly wait!!


Asian Chicken Bowl with Sesame Slurp Noodles and Pink Eggs

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Chinese Take out has Nothing on this!!



Kung Pao Chicken 4

I don’t now about you but I love anything noodle and always find it hits all my cravings. It’s both satisfying and comforting in just one little twirly forkful!!


Coconut Chicken Stuffed with Goat’s Cheese and Strawberry Balsamic Sauce



Move over Shrimp the chicken has come to town!!!


Strawberry coconut chicken 3

Many years ago I used to always go to a big Lobster-fest near my cottage. It was a lot of people starting out on a bus and working our way from home to a fabulous restaurant and then to the big party. Well as a 20 something I wasn’t really a big lobster fan so I ordered chicken. The chicken I received was so memorable, that 20 years later I can still remember thinking it was the best thing I’d ever tasted! The recipe was definitely something like this one!


Slow Braised Chicken Gorditas with Blistered Jalapenos and Watermelon Salsa

Happy Cinco de Mayo… Or In our house Taco Tuesday!   Quesadeilla 6

How convenient that the two things collide this week! Since the kids were small I’ve been making Mexican food on Tuesday’s and calling it Taco Tuesday. I learned early on that kids like fun food and this definitely falls into that category.  


Vanilla Rose Water Mini Cakes with Raspberry Whipped Cream, Chocolate Ganache and Gooseberries


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!!


Cake 5

So it’s Sunday and that usually means typical breakfast fare for the blog. But today I felt these little cakes made the perfect ending to a Sunday brunch with friends.


Ham and Cheese Stuffed Waffles topped with Fried Eggs and Hollandaise



Now this is a waffle I can get into!!!


waffles 8


I may have an addiction to doing weird things with Pillsbury products in tubes right now!! I’d like to say this is the last thing you’ll see for a bit but I really can’t promise anything….


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