Turkey Quinoa Soup

Soup2 I love leftover turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas because there are so many things to make with it. This year I decided to create a soup because…well because I love soup!! I was lucky enough to have used a Blue Goose Pure Foods Organic turkey and I have to say there really is such a difference between organic poultry and conventional. I have combined Shredded turkey, celery, onions, carrots, swiss chard and both red and black quinoa. Add a few seasonings and you have a healthy and delicious soup for lunch or dinner.


Tomato Sriracha Egg Drop Soup

Quick & Easy, Soup | October 10, 2014 | By


Soup As I started to look through my fridge and browse recipes for ideas I came up with this recipe idea from an amazing blogger named Stephanie Le at I am a Food Blog.  She has just published her first cookbook Easy Gourmet and its an amazing read!

A recipe with so little ingredients – all of which I always have on hand…yiiippee! I think most people love soup but often think of it as a time consuming endeavour that requires lots of simmering. Well this soup can be prepped, cooked and eaten within 30min. I have given quantities for things like soy sauce and sriracha but feel free to add to your taste…truth be known I added quite a bit more sriracha to the bowl I plated for my lunch! If you don’t like pork and want to add ground chicken instead feel free. It could also be made without meat but I like it best with! You will be surprised by the depth of flavour in such a quick cook soup; salty, chewy, crunchy and spicy all at the same time makes for the perfect taste bud sensation. This was kid tested and the 15 year old who hates tomatoes loved it and the 8 year old also liked it but found it a bit spicy for her palette…that being said she thinks pop is too spicy!!


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