Polenta Bundt Cakes, Herb Oil and Paprika Chicken and Shrimp with Romesco Sauce



We’re going to Bundt this right out of the park!! Is that baseball or football?


BG Chicken and shrimp 1

Lets talk polenta. Cornmeal, water, salt and a touch of oil for the basic recipe. You can add a variety of cheeses to it at that point, It can be left soft and runnier or thick in order to mold and cut. Either way I find people mostly either love it or hate it.


Summer Paella


A Portuguese Honeymoon with a taste of Spain!!

Paella 1

This seemed like the perfect dish to make this week because my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and reminiscing about our Honeymoon in Portugal and Spain.


Rosemary Skewered Garlic Shrimp with Barrel Aged Feta


Looking to wow your guests….try this super easy Appy!!!



I love so many things about shrimp; the clean slate for flavour it provides, speed of cooking, texture, low fat and sustainable!


Spanish Mussels with Organic Trout and Chorizo


Doesn’t everyone like to flex their Mussels!!


mussels 4

Maybe it’s the warm air of Spring but for the last week all I’ve craved is fish and seafood! I’ve been eating mussels, shrimp, black cod and trout! Happy, happy days!


Lobster Ravioli with Pancetta Tomato Cream Sauce

There’s nothing crabby about this Lobster!


Lobster Ravioli

I have to say this has been a nutty week! I love my life (most of the time lol) and am infinitely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had of late but sometimes I want to bury myself deeper into the mattress when the sun comes up. You all know what I mean right….the alarm goes and you feel yourself almost physically digging deeper into the mattress hoping maybe it didn’t happen or no one will notice your absence during the morning routine. It seems like the mantra in my head lately is “so much to do, so little time”! That said..LOBSTER Ravioli got me up today!


Scallops and Black Beluga Caviar Lentils with Microgreens and Paneer Croutons

From Market to Mouth Never Looked So Good!!


scallops 5




scallops 4

This week I had the privilege to partner with McEwan Foods to create a recipe with a number of their amazing McEwan’s Own products. For those of my readers outside of Toronto and Canada, McEwan’s Food is the Gourmet grocery store brainchild of celebrity chef Mark McEwan.


Panko Fried Scallops with Balsamic Butter


Eat from the sea, your body will love you!


caviar scallops

These scallops are like a symphony in your mouth. Ok…so I do love scallops….in every way they come. I make them a lot and add them to any possible dish that makes sense. It’s funny because these little molluscs insight a definite reaction from people, It’s either I love them or hate them. Not often an indifference. Well I’m in the love category and fortunately so is my husband. He’s a Newfoundlander and grew up eating all types of seafood and thankfully these rank high in his list of favs.


Three Tomato Pasta with Scallops



Scallops A couple of weekends ago I decided to go to the cottage. My Mom is up there and it was time to get ready and organized for ski season. Always seems to be so much to buy and plan out before each season begins. Skiing is a huge part of our family’s winter life. We hit the road to the cottage every Friday along with a lot of other Torontonians for the ski country. It makes our long winters not just bearable but truly enjoyable. The friends we have made and my children have made will last a lifetime.


Coconut Shrimp with Sweet and Tangy Marmalade Dip

coconutshrimp11 Years ago I was asked by my husband if I knew how to make coconut shrimp. Well now I do, and truthfully it wasn’t hard at all. I have to say I’m not much of a person that eats deep fried foods but these little morsels have always been a bit of a private love.


Grilled Seafood Pasta

Main, Pasta, Seafood | September 21, 2014 | By

  IMG_4889 Let’s push away the Monday blues with a little seafood pasta!! The latest from our kitchen to yours! Enjoy!


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