Quinoa Risotto with Chicken Supreme, Poached Eggs and Trumpets


Move Over Rice. We’ve got a Leaner Meaner Grain Movin’ in!

Quinoa Risotto 1


Mint and Pea Soup with Ricotta whipped Beets and Egg Parmesan Tulles


The Irresistible Flavours of Spring!!


Pea Sup Eggs Canada 1

It’s March break here in Ontario and being a big ski family, for us that usually means a week at the cottage skiing! There really isn’t anything better than those Spring ski days. We wait all year for them. Warm, sunny days that make us feel closer to nature and happy to the core. We call them Blue Bird Days! Well, this year it’s warm alright, so warm that it’s raining and the snow has pretty well vanished. Which leaves us more excited for Easter! It’s early this year which could have meant a very wintery looking Spring holiday but luckily it looks like my favorite holiday will be as I imagined, full of colour and the hopeful anticipation of summer to come!


Split Pea and Smoked Turkey Leg Soup with Egg Crostini

Shake a Leg and Get your Soup Slurp On!!


Split Pea Soup 2

We all have that food memory from when we were young and sick don’t we? You know that one thing as a kid your Mom always made you to feel better? For me it was French Canadian Pea Soup! I loved everything about it as a child, and still do!!


Breakfast Tacos with Organic Chicken, Avocado and Fried Egg


Always Look on the Sunny Side of Life!!

Breakfast Taco

The sun is shining today and that made me want to cook sunny side up eggs! Ok so it’s minus 20, BUT SUNNY…come on that’s gotta count for something!


Sausage, Arugula and Goat’s Cheese Breakfast Strata

You Strata Make this Christmas Morning!!


Strata 6

Breakfast on Christmas morning is almost as important as the turkey dinner that follows that night! Having the excitement and chaos of Santa’s arrival and madly opening gifts leaves everyone famished and always excited for the kind of breakfast they’d dream of every morning!


French Pastry Breakfast Tart


A Feast for the Eyes and Mouth!!


breakfast Pizza 10 Of course the best thing about summer cooking is the incredible locally grown food. There really isn’t anything more exciting as a chef than walking into a farmer’s market and beholding all the fabulous summer produce. The mind races with possibilities!


Microgreens with Edible Flowers, Beet Stained Soft Boiled Eggs and Lemon Honey Vinaigrette

Spring has invaded my kitchen….and it’s making me grin ear to ear!!


micro green salad

My family, if asked, would tell you I’m obsessed with salad. AND they’d be right!!


Creamy Lemon Smashed Peas on Toast With Fried Eggs

 The Bunny’s in the House Today and all things Lead to Spring!



Sunday Eggs 1

It’s Easter Sunday and that means a quick breakfast that’s bright, Easter-y and something healthy because later we will gorge on so many great foods!


French Toast Sandwich with Whipped Cream Cheese, Raspberries and Boozy Maple Syrup

 French Toast Meets the Sandwich & Falls in Love!!


French Toast 4

What is comfort food. To me it’s something warm, satisfying and just a little bit decadent! This is definitely all that and more!!


Mini Deep Dish Quiche with Spinach and Gruyere

What a cute Quiche you have!


quiche 2

It’s Spring Break week here for the kids and to me that means the end to the long cold winter is almost tangible. Spring is the most amazing season to me as you start to watch everything awaken and come to life. Everyone just has a little extra wiggle in their walk, that boost of energy that a little Vitamin D gives us from the sun! So brunch this week reflects that in our vitamin rich spinach, egg and bright green colourful Quiche.


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