Tex Mex Stir Fry


When East meets the Southwest!!


Grilled Beef 1

My household has been eating some form of tex mex every week for years!


Peanut Butter Cracklin and Pork Belly Burger


Peanut Butter + Bacon + Burger….nothing more to say!!!!!


Burger 8

Skeptical?? Yup, I can hear you all now saying to yourselves, “peanut butter on a burger??”. Well I’m hear to tell you it’s the bomb!!!


The Ultimate Peppercorn Filet

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Who Needs a Steak House When You Can Make it Better at Home!!!


peppercorn steak3

I have lots of memories of eating as a child. My Mom was and still is an amazing cook. Lately I seem to take over the kitchen but when I don’t and she works her magic it’s always perfection! One of my fondest memories was of her peppercorn steak. It was one of my absolute favorite things growing up and I have to say…still is!


Massaman Curry Mac and Cheese Pie with Ground Beef

 I really love that Thai Pie!!!


Thai Kitchen 6

Is there anything better in the world than Mac and Cheese….yes….Thai Curry Mac and Cheese! This week I’ve been working with Thai Kitchen to create a recipe using their new Massaman Curry Paste and this is what I came up with.


Crockpot Braised Beef Short Ribs with Truffle Polenta

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Beef + Truffles…..enough said!!!


rib steak


Last month I had an après ski party at the cottage for 25 or so people and as always I love to create a menu that’s unique yet warm and comforting. It’s cottage country so no one is looking for fancy plated food, just something that tastes awesome and warms the belly after a cold day of skiing!


Country Style Steak and Eggs

peppercorn steak brunch1


                                                                      “Feeling just

                            a little

                     bit extravagant”


Lately I’ve been craving red meat. Sometimes I think our bodies tell us what we need. maybe I’m lacking in iron right now? Whatever the reason my mind and stomach were both saying STEAK! So steak for brunch it is. My husband and I both love anything and everything spicy so we put a ton of peppercorns on it before cooking it in the pan but that’s entirely up to your tastes buds.


Super Easy Stuffed Meatball Sliders

Sliders I have a house full of very happy meatball eaters. Often our go-to dinner is this same recipe but with sausage also cooked alongside the meatballs in the sauce and poured over pasta. Often my problem when I make this dish is picking, picking and more picking. I absolutely force myself to freeze the leftovers right away to prevent myself from eating triple portions. One of the goals in this blog is to create some great quick meals for the family. I realize that all of you are crazy busy between work, kids, chores and maybe having a bit of a life! When you get home from work after rushing all day the last thing you want is to get into a recipe with 10 steps and a zillion obscure ingredients. This recipe can be made quickly at night and reheated or if you’re pretty quick in the kitchen it can definitely be started and eaten within an hour.


Grilled Venison Burger

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Grilled Venison Burger We all love burgers right? There are so many to choose from these days…chicken, turkey, tofu, chickpea, lamb, beef, pork, venison, stuffed or a mixture of many meats! Really the list could go on forever. Our family loves burgers in all shapes and forms and frankly loves anything stuffed between two slices of bread! Recently my husband and I went to The St. Lawrence Market ( www.stlawrencemarket.com) and among other items found a fabulous purveyor of wild game meat. (www.blackangusmeat.com) One of the items I bought and couldn’t wait to use was fresh ground venison. Immediately my mind went to burgers lol. You’ll notice in the recipe I’m injecting the meat with melted butter. It may seem indulgent to you but venison is quite lean and a little butter adds a lot! Enjoy and feel free to add any toppings you’d like. People definitely have their favorites!


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