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My name is Nancy…and I’ve finally decided to take on a blog. It’s always kinda been my dream secretly but things kept getting in the way. Life…that’s what gets in the way of most things we set to pursue.

I’m a wife, Mom, Caterer and Chef.



I’m married to the love of my life and he has allowed me to have the courage to seek everything I want…well and his computer skills haven’t hurt either with this latest pursuit! He along with all our daughters are forever my sounding boards and guinea pigs… AND BIGGEST CRITICS!

Going way back to the beginning…food has always been a huge part of my life. Maybe even an obsession! From an early age I watched food shows on tv and would cook for my family from age 10 (my first dish was stuffed zucchini boats).  My life now consists of equal parts food obsession, nutrition and exercise.

I was lucky enough growing up to have parents that loved food and never felt anywhere was too fancy to take their children. The exposure to inventive delicious food from around the world at a young age sealed my fate! FOOD OBSESSED

 My mother is an amazing cook that inspired me from a young age to not only create beautiful meals but sit down and enjoy them as a family…daily! Life seems to fly by faster than we can manage and in talking to so many girlfriends the one piece that seems to be missing in all our lives is that dinner hour we shared with our parents growing up. Women pretty much all work now (at two jobs; full-time in and outside the home) which hey…that’s great, lucky us…equality…but now we aren’t stopping to smell the roses or taking the time to share great food with the people we love most! My hope with this blog is to inspire all of you to cook, sit, laugh and talk to your favorite people for at least one meal a week.


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