Super Easy Stuffed Meatball Sliders

Sliders I have a house full of very happy meatball eaters. Often our go-to dinner is this same recipe but with sausage also cooked alongside the meatballs in the sauce and poured over pasta. Often my problem when I make this dish is picking, picking and more picking. I absolutely force myself to freeze the leftovers right away to prevent myself from eating triple portions. One of the goals in this blog is to create some great quick meals for the family. I realize that all of you are crazy busy between work, kids, chores and maybe having a bit of a life! When you get home from work after rushing all day the last thing you want is to get into a recipe with 10 steps and a zillion obscure ingredients. This recipe can be made quickly at night and reheated or if you’re pretty quick in the kitchen it can definitely be started and eaten within an hour.


My Favorite 8 Healthy Super Bowl Munchies

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Who wouldn’t Love a Guilt-free Super Bowl Snack!


So as a woman and one who loves any excuse for a party, Super Bowl is a great way to gather friends for great food, beer and often a lot of loud yelling at a TV! But that doesn’t have to mean you wake up Monday morning feeling like you just swallowed a house.  There are a ton of great snacks to please the healthy eater in your group but still make the manly men on the couch feel like they’re eating at the local pub! This list is a grouping of some of my favorite game day recipes – just click on the title to link to the recipe!


Crispy Baked Buffalo Wing Cauliflower


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